86% of Zen-Z likes to follow Instagram influencers: report

In the last few years, social media influencers have gained popularity among consumers. Interestingly, out of all Gen-Z individuals, only 13% follow celebrities, while about 86% of them prefer to follow Instagram influencers, according to a recent comparative data study by Marketing to the Millennium and Gen-Z, an initiative of OMG Content. , Using Omnifluence data powered by Qoruz.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that Gen-Z was more attracted to fashion, travel and movie-based pages. When comparing Millennium and Gen-Z populations, Gen-Z individuals follow about 97.9% of Instagram influencers and 13.1% of celebrities. Millennials, on the other hand, follow 52% of Instagram influencers and 47% of celebrities.

Influencers were divided into different levels based on the number of their followers, and studies have shown that the mid-level (50,000 – 5,00,000) and nano-level (5,000 – 50,000) followed the largest Gen-Z.

Going through the compelling and critical information found in the report, it became clear that social media is playing a big role in the rise of e-commerce and influential people are leading the way, said Shailja Saraswati Varghese, Chief Content Officer, Amnikam Media Group India, Dr. “Zen-Z makes up a huge portion of the world’s population and is an effective strategy for maximizing the reach of businesses tapped in the interests of the younger generation. Influencer marketing has positioned itself as the most profitable medium for that purpose and Almighty has made it a data-centric, simple and reliable strategy, “he added.

According to the survey, e-commerce is gaining major traction in the country and businesses are looking for ways to increase online presence and mobility by targeting different social media platforms. Studies have shown that the platforms actively involved in effective marketing are Roposo, Trail and Misho. Meanwhile, the maximum number of content created by influential people has increased in Roposo, Trail and Misho. For producers focusing on short video content, MX TakaTak, Josh and Moj were the most popular, each racking up huge numbers of content.

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