Beer Market: Want to invest in crypto during beer market? Have a look at this

New Delhi: Investors in the cryptocurrency market are facing a difficult time amid high volatility and extreme selling pressure, as bears have taken over.

Major crypto tokens have fallen from their respective all-time highs to two-thirds of their value. The recent crash has eroded investor confidence in various crypto segments.

However, market participants are enthusiastic about different themes because they believe that crypto is a big change in the global financial system.

India Conscience, co-founder and COO, Casio, says investors can look at yield-based crypto products, which allow users to earn a certain percentage of interest on their crypto holdings. He said that such products will get more popularity in the future.

“Apart from this, cryptocurrency is also a potential pocket because big brands are entering space. We will see more use for financing supported by venture-supported sandboxes / pilots.”

Top global brands such as Gucci and Starbucks are accepting crypto payments, and many lucky 500 companies, such as Dell, 1-800 Flowers, and Newegg, have moved on to crypto payments.

Global remittance is another area where conscience is very enthusiastic. He explains that huge game changers are possible, especially in an integrated on and off-ramp environment where users can easily send remittances abroad at low cost, fast disposal and low processing time.

Khalilullah Beg, co-founder and CEO of Coinbasket, says he is positive about different themes. Layer One, Daffy and Gaming Pocket look attractive to him. He called on investors to stick to large-cap projects to address real-world use.

The crypto market is highly volatile but experts believe that a well-organized investment strategy can yield solid returns in the long run.

“Crypto investments are for the long term and investors should not worry about market time. Diversifying your crypto portfolio and investing through SIPs should be the key to reducing risk,” he added.

Investors should avoid illiquid crypto assets, high frequency and leveraged trading, he said, adding that they should also focus on keeping their portfolios fairly diverse.

An investor should have clear and timely investment goals without guiding their strategy to protect their assets from market volatility and turmoil, including the FOMO (Fear of Missing) factor.

As with any financial market, crypto investors should educate themselves, do their own research, and always be cautious when investing, Cassio’s conscience advises.

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