Brand security enforcement weak in India: MMA Impact India 2022

MMA India has organized 11 eventsM Version of its marketing event, MMA Impact India 2022. According to a global survey by MMA, 1% improvement in marketing capabilities is related to 2.5% increase in sales growth and 2.35% increase in market value. Based on this insight, MMA has developed a structured approach to creating a mapping capability for organizations to win marketing companies. In addition, the MMA event unveiled three informative reports entitled Brand Safety Reimagined: A Toolkit for the Modern Marketer, Modern Marketers Guide to Leveraging Data and MARTEC 2022 and Metrics That Matter.

MEMA India Country Head and Board Member Moneka Khurana said the theme of this year’s impact of evolving into a winning marketing company is more inevitable today than ever before. “We live in an age of digital Darwinism where technology and consumers are evolving faster than business can normally adapt. 52% of companies on the Fortune 500 list have become obsolete in the last 20 years. Evolution is no longer an option, it is necessary to succeed. At Impact this year, we unveiled a framework that helps businesses grow with consumers, “he added.

Digital Marketer Brand Safety Survey 2022 reveals that despite knowledge about brand safety guidelines, implementation in India is weak. The Modern Marketers Guide to Leveraging Data and Martek report highlights that 25% to 75% of data from most organizations is integrated into Unified Data Mart. However, many organizations lack clarity on how unified data can help improve the connected customer experience.

Amit Jain, Chair and Managing Director of MMA India Board for L’Oreal India, said that interaction between consumers and brands is evolving rapidly. “Therefore, the marketing function needs to be fast to adapt to this evolution. Winning marketing companies need to put customer value and company value at the core of all their initiatives. To create a recall among consumers for your brand, storytelling is important. If you have a good story, there is no reason why a customer should not connect with your brand, ”he said.

According to the company, the sessions focus on engagement, experience and exchange principles, commonly referred to as the ‘3E’ formula to attract and retain consumers through marketing. “This year, at Impact 2022, leaders and experts are giving a constructive talk on aspects of the winning marketing organization structure. It’s about adopting marketing recovery strategies so that brands can innovate in their product plans, “the company said in a release.

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