BRO does it again! Learn more about the Nechifu Tunnel in Arunachal Pradesh

The final “break through explosion” was successfully conducted by the Border Road Organization (BRO), marking the completion of the excavation of the Nachifu Tunnel. The tunnel is located in Arunachal Pradesh and on Friday, Director General of the BRO, Lieutenant General Rajeev Chowdhury made a “break through the explosion” from a distance.

More about the Nechifu Tunnel

Located on the Balipara-Charduar-Tawang (BCT) road in West Kameng District, it is 5,700 feet high and has a 500-meter-long, unique “D-shaped, single tube double lane tunnel”.

The foundation stone of the project was laid by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on October 12, 2020, according to an official statement issued by the BRO. Equipped with modern lighting and safety features, the tunnel is expected to provide two-way traffic.

There will be state-of-the-art electro-mechanical systems as well as fire extinguishers. Also, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) controlled monitoring system and automatic illumination system.

For safe pedestrian movement, civic amenities infrastructure and power cables, optical fiber cables are expected to be provided along the sidewalks along the ducts for utility lines.

Why was this tunnel imagined?

This tunnel was planned to bypass the extreme foggy conditions around the Nechifu Pass. The fog has hampered the movement of military convoys and ordinary vehicles.

Project Vartak

Excavation of another strategic tunnel has been completed under the Vartak project – twin tubes (1,555 m and 980 m) on the same road “Sela Tunnel Project”.

And today’s eruption marks an increasing excavation of more than 4,500 meters, which has been achieved in less than two years.

Once the tunnel is opened, the Nachifu Tunnel and the Sela Tunnel will prove to be a safe and strategic connection to all weathers on BCT Road. And it will also help reduce carbon footprint in environmentally sensitive areas of the region.

Tunnel construction

The construction that is going on is done by cutting through extremely fragile and fragile rock layers.

According to the New Austrian Tunneling System (NATM), challenges are being addressed through the implementation of 3D monitoring and custom tunnel support systems.

In the last two years, the BRO has performed with remarkable structural success in the most challenging areas of the country.

Large tunnels have been built in high altitude and mountain tunnels – Rohtang in Himachal Pradesh, Atal Tunnel, Chamba Tunnel in Uttarakhand, all already dedicated to the nation.

Now the BRO is constructing small tunnels with the help of the company’s integral manpower resources.

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