CBI interrogates Bengal minister over daughter’s ‘illegal’ appointment

The CBI on Saturday questioned West Bengal Minister Paresh Adhikari for the third day in a row over the “illegal” appointment of his daughter Ankita as a primary school teacher. The Calcutta High Court on Friday fired Ankita Adhikari from her job at a government-aided school and asked her to return her drawn salary as her 41-month-old teacher.

State Minister for Education Adhikari arrived at the office of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at 10.35 am with a file in his hand, which sources close to him said contained several important documents related to the appointment.

According to a CBI official, the officer may have been questioned about various phone calls made from his mobile phone regarding his daughter’s drawing appointment.

“The calls may be linked to her daughter’s appointment as an assistant teacher in an elementary school. Like yesterday, we will videograph the entire interrogation,” the CBI detective said.

The Mekliganj MLA was questioned for more than nine hours on Friday and about four hours on Thursday night. CBI insiders said that the Central Intelligence Agency may call Ankita Adhikari for questioning next week.

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