Congress: Sunil Jakhar’s pole vault shows no loyalty to Congress

Soon after Sunil Jakhar joined the BJP, the Congress termed the move as political and ideological opportunism and accused it of helping the saffron party during the Assembly elections. However, many in the Congress also say that it is an act of reaping what the Congress leadership has sown – ideological confusion by rejecting Navjot Singh Sidhu, a convert from the BJP, as the PCC president in a full bench of traditional Congress leaders. Although most Congress MLAs like him, Jakhar has re-packaged the post of Chief Minister – after the resignation of Capt. Amarinder Singh – only to market the fourth-choice-cum-new Congress man Charanjit Singh Channy to market him as the “Dalit Chief Minister”. The team suffered the worst defeat.

“Not unexpectedly. Sunil Jakhar may have formally joined the BJP. He started working for the party a long time ago, shamelessly played Hindutva politics, harmed the party in every possible way. He had a reason to make a ‘Hindu’ card and the reason has been revealed today,” PCC chief Amarinder Singh Raja Waring.

The ‘Hindu’ card he was referring to was Jakhar’s pre-assembly vote comment that he never thought he would be discriminated against in Congress on religious grounds when Ambika Soni was disqualified from the post of Chief Minister despite the support of a majority of MLAs. Should be a Sikh. Channy, though never a major Congressman, eventually emerged as the “Dalit chief minister” after only two Jat Sikhs – Navjot Singh Sidhu and Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa – resigned as each other’s chief ministers.

The AICC ignored Sidhu’s mid-election grievances and set Jakhar apart for action despite his seniority, proving to be the last straw for the latter. Thus, if the catastrophic consequences of the Rahul-Priyanka Punjab operation not only ruin any chance of the Congress retaining power, its subsequent consequences show how the party is losing its biggest brand names – Capt. Amarinder Singh, Jakhar – the same faction as the Punjab Congress. This again shows that the ‘quotient of allegiance’ in Congress cannot be a ‘one-sided obligation’ otherwise the regional leaders will not think twice before dumping Gandhi. In Kerala, KV Thomas showed the same last week.

Following the defeat of Punjab, the Punjab BJP is now trying to come back with big names from the Congress with the possibility of expanding its social base in view of the 2024 LS elections where the Congress leadership is still plunging into darkness after the elections.

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