Digital agency SoCheers has announced a partnership with MindPeers

Digital agency SoCheers has partnered with MindPeers, a platform for mental strength, in an effort to create a rich and conducive work environment for their employees.

According to Sochiers, the importance of mental health in the workplace is not new. “Conversations about overwork, burnouts and lack of career balance are often seen floating on social media. In addition, according to the current report, mental health problems are the primary reason for the recent departure of a quarter (28%) of employees. In addition, reports indicate that two out of five employees struggle with depression in the workplace today, “he added. The association also marks Mental Health Awareness Month in India, which is still gaining momentum with the Indian public.

For Siddharth Debnani, co-founder and director of SoCheers, the association with MindPeers is crucial to the organization’s sustainability. “We believe that creativity can only be developed if the mind is healthy, clean and most importantly happy. There is no denying the fact that everyone, including me, goes through different stages of life, some of which can fix a heavy toll on the mind, ”he said.

Mental health should be a top priority, according to Sochiers, head of anklet, head, folk surgery, and it forms the basis of a partnership with MindPear. “It’s not just that people are adjusting to the hybrid work set-up in the post-lockdown era or earlier, when the world was going through a crisis, but for a more sustainable and long-term period. Moreover, our core philosophy puts the culture of the organization at the center and this initiative is a rather significant step towards strengthening its importance, “he claimed.

At MindPeers, we want to make a lifestyle of ‘taking care of your mind’, Konika Agarwal, Founder, MindPeers, “Therefore, we strongly believe that in our philosophy, onboarding at work will play an important role in helping us achieve this, as the majority of the population spends a significant amount of their day in their office. Also, an ad in a densely populated ecosystem is another step in helping SoCheers tackle mental health issues on a broader front by placing them on board, “he added.

To begin this partnership, the mental health organization has organized an online event with agency staff to explain the range of their mental health services, including one-on-one online therapy sessions with experienced professionals, self-care and personalized digital tools. , Neuro Games, Employee Awareness and Acceptance, among others.

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