FCB Group’s Rohit Ohri discusses why it is important to walk with brands

Like many other industries, the advertising industry suffered a major setback during the Covid-19 epidemic. Many brands have cut off communication and even reduced their marketing budgets. Rohit Ohri, chairman and CEO of FCB Group India, told Brandwagon Online that the biggest lesson the epidemic has taught is that communication between brands and customers should not be cut off even in the worst of times. “It’s important for the brand to interact with consumers and partner with them when they need it. The brands that did it during the epidemic have seen positive effects. This is because consumers feel a sense of partnership, gratitude and understanding that this brand does not stop talking to me in my darkest moments, ”he added next to Goafest 2022.

According to Ohri, this is the age when creativity is the most important thing for brands. “It’s useless to bombard consumers with communication just by finding the creativity, connectivity and relevance that brands can cut in this world,” he said. It is important to create relevance that is relevant to the demand, so that it can stand apart

Moreover, he added that the next big trend in the advertising industry is data and technology driven creativity. “It’s important to do something that really makes sense and makes a difference in the lives of consumers. As an agency, our vision is to create creative ideas that are timeless and timely. And with technology, the goal is to create an idea that is then delivered at the right time, place and to the right consumer, “said Ohri.

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