Gyanvapi mosque case live update: Varanasi court to decide on action,

Live update of Varanasi’s Gyanbhapi Mosque case hearing: The Varanasi district court today will decide whether the petition of Hindu petitioners to object to the Gyanbapi mosque survey report will be heard or the writ petition filed by the Muslim side is not upheld. District Judge AK Biswesh’s court on Monday heard the pleas of both the parties after the Gyanvapi-Sringar Gauri complex case was transferred to the Supreme Court.

A new petition was also filed seeking permission to worship “Shivling” which was claimed to have been found in the premises of Gyanvapi Mosque during a videography survey under the direction of the lower court. The apex court on Friday transferred the Gyanbapi-Sringar Gauri complex case from the civil judge (senior division) to the district judge, saying that given the “complexity” and “sensitivity” of the issue, it would be better to have a senior judicial officer. Having more than 25-30 years of experience handles this case.

Jnanvapi mosque case hearing live news, Jnanvapi mosque-Kashi Bishwanath temple dispute case live

Last Friday, the Supreme Court said the petition filed by the management committee of Anjuman Intezamia Mosque, Varanasi, challenged the maintenance of the case by five Hindu women, seeking the right to worship Maa Sringar Gauri at the outer wall of the mosque. Complex, “The matter will be decided on priority basis by the District Judge after transfer” It further states that the “Place of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991” does not preclude the determination of the religious character of a place.

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