International Tea Day: Decoding the difference between full leaf tea or dust

Tea, as a beverage, has many buyers all over the world. In India, however, it is considered an emotion, an important part of the country’s culinary culture.

A staple meal of the Indian family, tea in the evening and a drink in the morning. On International Tea Day – May 21, according to the United Nations – see the difference between powdered tea and whole leaf tea and which one is better.

That is what Harshada Bansal, the founder of T Heaven said Indian Express The tea came in two varieties: tea bags and loose leaves. Although most people prefer traditional leaf-blended tea, some people prefer tea bags because it requires less effort. Everyone has a different perspective on how to make the perfect cup, he said.

Explaining the difference between the two, Bonsal said that dust tea is the lowest grading of tea, collected from broken leaf powder, leaving only small tea particles. Tea bags often contain tea dust and its smell usually does not persist in repeated stepping.

Bansal said the term ‘whole leaf tea’ refers to a tea made from intact, sore leaves. Known as tea bags, dust and fanning, the small tea leaves are designed to be made quickly. Tea produced by this brew is more likely to be rich and flavorful because a whole leaf has a large surface area.

Bonsal adds that in general, whole leaf tea tastes much better than powdered tea. Full leaf tea is more complex and delicate than loose leaf tea. Even bolder, stronger tea flavors like breakfast mixes have depth, he said. In comparison, tea bags can look one-note and annoying. He added that there was nothing wrong with drinking tea from the bag, but loose leaf tea is better for those who like tea.

Tea experts, however, conclude that it depends only on specific needs. Dusty tea is usually better if the tea or tea latte needs to be prepared quickly. He said whole-leaf tea is almost always ideal if the health benefits, taste, aroma profile, value of money and quality are reduced to waste or the choice is to mix it with sugar and milk.

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