Jnanvapi mosque case: Survey report claims presence of ruins of old temple,

Two videography survey reports from the Gyanvapi Mosque Complex claim that Hindu motifs like bells, urns, flowers and tridents were visible on the pillars and the presence of ruins of old temples on the north and west walls outside the barricades. Basement, report Indian Express.

Both the survey reports – one directed by the dismissed Advocate-Commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra and the other by Special Advocate Commissioner Vishal Singh – have been submitted to the Varanasi court which directed the survey.

Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, who had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking “additional information and documents on record”, said that “after the report filed by the Advocate Commission, it is clear that the disputed structure has a religious character. Hindu temple”.

In his May 6-7 report, Ajay Kumar Mishra, who was removed as Advocate Commissioner on May 17, said the ruins of the old temple and the structure of the deity were found in the corners of the north and west walls outside the barricades. And the goddess and the lotus were seen. A slab had a Sheshnag design and was videographed, the report said.

Mishra, who filed the two-page report in the Varanasi court, said, “The survey was conducted by me on May 6 and 7 and it was outside the mosque complex. Since then I have been removed from the post of Advocate Commissioner. I felt it necessary to submit my work report to the court. Whether or not to consider it as part of the survey report is now a matter for the court.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Supreme Court asked the trial court to suspend its own proceedings until the matter is taken up again on Friday. The apex court has adjourned the hearing due to illness of a prosecutor.

The Varanasi court will now resume its hearing on May 23, said a counsel representing Hindu petitioners. Counsel for the mosque’s management committee said both parties had filed their “objections and counter-objections” before the trial court on Thursday.

The petition, which is now expected to be heard in the Civil Court on May 23, includes a petition challenging the removal of a wall between the Kashi Bishwanath Temple and the adjoining Gyanvapi Mosque, challenged by the mosque committee.

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