Launched by ICICIdirect LIFEY: Investing in Life for You – Check out the features

The company says the new tool will help customers build a carefully curated portfolio consisting of mutual funds, primarily based on smart asset allocation and fund selection based on research by ICICIdirect. The recommendations are data-driven, based on customers’ appetite for risk-taking, and aim to guide them in their financial journey.

Anupam Guha, Head of Private Wealth, ICICI Securities, said, “Everyone wants financial freedom. On this journey, there are ‘life stage milestones’ – such as owning a new car, buying a house, saving for wedding expenses, saving for higher education for children or retirement. ICICIdirect, with the launch of this new tool – LIFEY – will help customers take a well-planned step in this direction. “

Features of LIFEY: Investing life for you;

Alignment with Risk Profile – The tool considers risk profile and suggests appropriate investment options.
Ultimate Flexibility – Offers flexibility of choice of funds and investments through Single Addition or SIP
• Extensive Tracking – Enables progress tracking of milestones
থাক Stay on course – Timely alerts and top-ups to stay on course

Guha added, “This tool will help create ‘do-it-yourself’ funding baskets and allow customers to create additional customized milestones based on their personal needs.”

With this new tool, ICICIdirect aims to give its customers the option to set life-size milestones based on an individual’s financial capabilities and risk appetite, and to provide a comprehensive dashboard. The dashboard enables its customers to track their progress and provide a seamless and intuitive way to manage milestones at important stages in their lives.

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