More than 1.7 million tonnes of sugarcane is still lying on farms in Maharashtra

About 17.5 lakh tonnes of sugarcane has not yet been harvested on farms across Maharashtra. Although the threshing season is over, most of this stock will be crushed by the end of this month and more than 30 sugar mills will remain operational till the end, a top official said. The sugarcane threshing season in Maharashtra usually starts in October-November and lasts till mid-April.

Seven out of the 10 districts in Maharashtra topped the list of additional sugarcane stocks this year

Region, officials said.

“After good rains last year, sugarcane cultivation in the state has increased significantly. Even after the end of sugarcane threshing season, about 17.5 lakh tonnes of sugarcane is still standing in the state waiting to be threshed. Therefore, threshing is taking place. It could go on and on, “he said.

Speaking to PTI, Maharashtra Sugar Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad said, “Currently, the amount of sugarcane standing on farms across the state is about 17.5 lakh tonnes. Most of this crop will be crushed by May 31. It could last up to the first week. ”

“So far, we have managed to harvest 129 crops from other states and all are working in Marathwada. In Jalna alone, there are currently 29 harvesters,” he said.

Sugarcane cultivation was recorded in 11.42 lakh hectares of land in the state in 2020-21, but this year (2021-22) this number has increased by 2.25 lakh hectares to 13.67 lakh hectares. The amount of sugarcane threshed last year was 1,013.31 lakh tonnes, while this year (till May 16) 1,300.62 lakh tonnes of sugarcane has been threshed – an increase of 287.31 lakh tonnes, another official said.

More than 30 sugar mills in the state could continue their operations until the end of May, he said.

“As of May 15, out of 199 sugar mills in the state, 126 mills have closed their operations for the season. This number could go up to 163 by May 25. The remaining 36 sugar mills can continue operating till the stockpile of sugarcane is completed,” the official said. Said.

The highest uncut sugarcane till May 16 was 4 lakh tonnes in Bid, followed by Jalna at 3.90 lakh tonnes, Ahmednagar at 3 lakh tonnes, Latur at 2.42 lakh tonnes, Osmanabad at 2.38 lakh tonnes, Satara at 1 lakh tonnes and Nanded at 63.00 tonnes. And Aurangabad has 50,000 tonnes each and Parwani 30,000 tonnes each, the official said.

“We expect to grow sugarcane in the same area next year. But the plan is to start the sugar mills 15 days earlier than usual (by October 1) with extra power and 6-7 more mill threshing capacity. Now we have 8 lakh tonnes of sugarcane threshing capacity per day. Next year it could increase to 25,000 per day, “said Gaikwad, the sugar commissioner.

“Next season, the number of factories working for distillery production will reach 50-60. As a result, ethanol diversion will also increase,” he added.

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