Nitish avoided questions about the CBI raid on Lalu’s house in Rabri

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday avoided a question about the recent CBI raids on the homes of his arch-rival Lalu Prasad and his wife Rabri Devi. JD (U) leader Prasad was responding to reporters’ questions about the RJD’s allegations that the campaigns were “politically motivated”.

“I have no information, nothing to say. Only those who are involved can comment,” said Kumar, who runs the government in alliance with the BJP.

The RJD has accused the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) of acting on “instructions from political leaders of the BJP” which governs the Center.

Many RJD leaders have alleged that the recent CBI case and subsequent raids were aimed at alerting Nitish Kumar, who had recently gone to attend an Iftar party at Rabri Devi’s house and took his son Tejaswi Yadav in his car when he visited the JD (U). ) Office for attending similar banquets.

Interestingly, a poster has been put up in front of the RJD office, just across the street from the JD (U) premises, accusing the Narendra Modi government of misusing the investigating agency.

The poster contains a sketch of the Prime Minister carrying a caged parrot and captioned by the CBI, while an eagle named ED (Enforcement Directorate) is hiding nearby.

The poster also features a small picture of the chief minister and the leader of the opposition, Tejaswi, sitting next to each other, with a slogan at the bottom highlighting the general premise that both races hit the census.

RJD state general secretary Bhai Arun, who owned the poster, told reporters that “the CBI’s move is in fact political revenge.

Kumar has been an ally of the NDA since the mid-1990s. He removed Rabri Devi from power in 2005 but severed ties with the BJP eight years later over ideological differences.

Prior to the 2015 Assembly elections, he had slammed Prasad and met with tremendous success in Hustings, an alliance of eternal rivals.

An ED case against Tejaswi, who was then his deputy, persuaded the image-conscious chief minister to junk the RJD and return to the NDA in 2017.

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