npg: Infra projects worth Rs 500 crore and more through PM Gatishakti

All the logistics and connectivity infrastructure projects, which have an investment of over Rs 500 crore, are now being directed by the Finance Ministry through the Network Planning Group (NPG) formed under the PMGS initiative, an official said.

The Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has also developed a national master plan digital platform.

The PM kinetic plan was announced last year with a view to breaking down the departmental silos and tackling the problems of multi-model and end-mile connectivity and a more comprehensive and integrated planning and implementation of projects.

This will help reduce logistics costs and promote effective and efficient planning of infrastructure projects.

An Integrated Infrastructure Network Planning Group (NPG) has been formed with representations from various connectivity ministries / departments including the heads of their network planning departments for integrated planning and integration of proposals.

“We have created the National Masterplan Digital Platform. We have trained the people concerned and now we have this mandatory provision from the Ministry of Finance. So, now all logistics and connectivity projects will be approved under PM’s dynamics policy. The official said.

DPIIT has conducted several training sessions with various government departments and held regional conferences across the state.

The NPG consists of the heads of the Network Planning Branch of the Ministry of Infrastructure and will assist the Empowered Group of Secretaries (EGOS) headed by the Cabinet Secretary. The EGOS member convener consists of secretaries of 18 ministries under DPIIT and heads of logistics departments.

NPG will clear projects because all infrastructure projects have to come here. There is also a technical support unit.

All departments will first approach the NPG for approval before making a DPR (detailed project report) at the planning stage, the official said. , Depending on the project.

For example, if the railways are planning a project on a specific route, then before finalizing the DPR, leave the relevant information on the PM Speed ​​Power National Planning Portal, to see if the proposed track passes through government land or private property or forest or canal or highway.

The portal contains more than 600 levels of information.

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