Online examinations for non-gazetted government posts will be held before the end of the year:

Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Sunday said there would be an online General Eligibility Test (CET) to fill non-gazetted posts from this year.

He was presiding over a joint meeting of six autonomous bodies under the Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) in the North Block here.

The National Recruitment Agency (NRA) will conduct the test before the end of the year. It will be a game-changer, with at least one examination center in each district of the country facilitating the recruitment of job seekers, Singh said.

The CET is a path-breaking reform that drives the DOPT to bring “ease of employment” to young job seekers and will prove to be a great blessing for young people, especially those living in remote areas.

Singh said the historic reform would give all candidates an equal playing field regardless of their background or socio-economic status.

It will also be a huge benefit for female and ‘Divyang’ candidates and those who travel to multiple centers and appear to be financially ineligible to appear for multiple examinations, a statement issued by the Ministry of Personnel said.

Initially, tests will be conducted in 12 languages, including Hindi and English. Subsequently, it will be conducted in all the languages ​​mentioned in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution.

Singh said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had introduced the concept of “whole government” which not only removed the silos but also facilitated an integrated holistic approach to governance.

He said the context and concept of governance is being restructured to suit the current needs and requirements of 21st century India.

The review practice of the autonomous agencies working under the Union Ministries and Departments is crucial to advance the goal of “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance”, efficient use of government funds and reduction of financial burden on public exchequer as well as creation of people of governance. – Friendly

At the meeting, the heads of the six autonomous organizations gave a detailed presentation on their orders, functions, budgets and goals and objectives, the statement said.

These organizations include NRA, Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), Civil Services Officers Institute (CSOI), Griha Kalyan Kendra (GKK), Central Civil Services Cultural and Sports Board (CCSCSB) and Central Vandre Societies registered under (law), it said.

Singh has instructed senior officials to explore the possibility of GKK and CCSCSB merging due to the overlapping mandate, and the aims and objectives.

He asked the officials to submit a feasibility report within a month.

The Minister directed the Central Reserve to open more outlets at GKK and IIPA centers to increase sales and reduce costs.

Singh told Central Stores to go all over Hogg to promote the unique product of organic pulses and create a brand for it.

He also lauded the central treasury officials for achieving a 500 per cent increase in sales from Rs 750 crore in 2017-18 to Rs 4,000 crore in 2021-22.

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