Parisian Affair: Little Red Door to Le Syndicate, the best place in Gourmet

My recent trip to France is not filed under Revenge Tourism. If anything, group it under the Grateful section. There was so much gratitude that I felt like I was only able to walk (or run in the early morning) on ​​the banks of the Seine, just get off at a local store and be fascinated as a child. Wine and beer, and only the quality of the overall food and ingredients, ranging from Michelin-starred meals to just a gourmet sandwich as the river side lounge with the Eiffel Tower just for the company to grab.

Paris is a lot, and although my endeavor with France began here about 25 years ago, in the last decade I have come to hate it a bit. My work always brings me back to France but I try to avoid Paris somehow, preferring to spend more time in Bordeaux, Lyon or anywhere else.

The nature of the metropolitan big-city of Paris was like a layer of stigma that somehow hid from me all the good and funny things about the city, which I basically fell in love with that place. And in that case, this two-year break from the city is just the break we needed in our relationship.

At this point, I missed it and Paris also dug deeper and corrected some of its small bizarre appeal and subtleties that were probably expelled.

However, it is enough to remind. There are some joints to check out whenever your next trip takes you there.

Little Red Door 6 has been on the list of the best bars in the world for the last eight years and is still strong It’s a small laboratory for the senses, as Willie Wanka conceived. Drinks are like medicines, spells that seem to have no connection with the name (which is usually an ingredient).

For example, red kiwis or walnuts do not look like them; The drink was not red or brown, but the taste was completely spot on. They do it with a lot of things. They were in India recently and I hope to carry loads of featured ingredients in the months ahead. For now, everything they serve focuses around the source and comes from around Paris.

Don Juan II is a Sean Cruise from Yacht de Paris but not like anyone else. It’s a Michelin-starred meal on a luxury boat where one starts the evening with a bubble, exotic and a glass of something particularly pink on the upper deck, as the boats move away from the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

Over the next two hours, this time on the lower deck, protected from the elements of nature (and ambiguity), you will be ruled as a roi (i.e., king, but roi works better for inspiration) as fine wine. And the platters are also brought to you as the yacht slowly travels around the famous landmarks and monuments of Paris.

The best bit is just as the Maine arrives and the Eiffel Tower glows brightly (for the evening-after-hour hourly routine) and all of a sudden you have the coolest shiny table ornaments that no one could have imagined!

Think of Le Syndicat as a bar showcase run with only the French spirit. It was also amazing for me because, regardless of how much time I have spent or worked here, I can only omit the wine brand names. Tell me to start naming spirits and liqueur and I’ll finish faster.

This bar was then an educational experience for me, an educational experience soaked in a happy juice, to be precise. They call themselves an organization for the defense of the French soul, a job they take very seriously, so it is definitely worth hunting. Be careful even though the front of the store looks like an abandoned store and you may miss it even if you stand in front of it.
Le Saint Sebastian is a strange little restaurant in the 11th quarter of Paris, if you are after a small public place that pays close attention to the cuisine and wine exhibitions of the whole country, you will not find better.

The food is delicate but not cluttered, the service is friendly but shows a deep knowledge of gastronomy and food pairing and the environment we have come to call now, fun fine dining. Definitely worth a stop.

A quick word about places to stay is always essential. If staying close to the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees is important to you, then Hotel Belmont both straddle. Conveniently located in the middle and with spacious and well-appointed rooms, it is a luxury stop in the heart of Paris. Even more helpful is the fact that Vijay, who has worked here for a long time, is Indian and it was a great pleasure to meet and chat with him. He went out of his way to make your position more memorable.

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