Prime Minister Modi will meet the new Prime Minister of Australia in Tokyo; Quad has constructive and positive

On May 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will personally meet the new Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese on the sidelines of the Quad Leaders Summit in Tokyo. The two leaders will review the India-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership at their first meeting in Tokyo.

During their first bilateral meeting after the QUAD summit, Prime Minister Modi and his new Australian counterpart will also exchange views on regional and global developments of mutual interest. The last bilateral meeting between PM Modi and former Australian leader Scott Morrison took place in March this year.

India and Australia and Quad

Saturday’s election has announced a new prime minister in Australia and he will travel to Japan for the QUAD summit. This will be his first international tour representing his country.

In a special briefing ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Tokyo on Saturday, Foreign Secretary Binoy Mohan Quatra said in response to a question: “Elections are underway in Australia and the next Prime Minister of Australia is likely to attend the Quad Summit. . And there is going to be a meeting with the new Prime Minister. “

“India, Australia have bilateral support for the strategic partnership and the two leaders will discuss how to lean forward and how to build it further.”

The two countries signed an Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) last month.

More about the new Australian leader

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is Australia’s first prime minister from a non-Anglo-Celtic background and represents the first Labor government in almost a decade. He is expected to be one of the longest-serving politicians in the country and reflect modern Australia.

Modi is going to the Quad Leaders Summit

The focus of the third edition of the QUAD Summit next week will be on securing the Indo-Pacific region. Leaders from Japan (host country), India, Australia and the United States will gather in Tokyo to review the progress of various initiatives announced under QUAD.

Indian Foreign Secretary Binoy Quatra has said that Prime Minister Modi is expected to hold bilateral meetings with other leaders of QUAD member countries on May 24. Prime Minister Modi will also meet Indian expatriates in Japan and meet top industry representatives. That country

Bilateral meeting

During his official visit to Japan at his invitation Of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister Modi will be in Tokyo for two days on May 23-24, and will hold bilateral meetings with Quad leaders, including US President Joe Biden, the Prime Minister of Japan and Australia.

Summit agenda

Outlining the agenda of the summit, the Foreign Secretary said that the leaders would have the opportunity to take the Quad initiative forward.

Vaccine initiative

He added that there would be a special session to promote the confidence of the vaccine. In 2021, QUAD announced a vaccine partnership and the initiative aims to help deliver one billion doses of vaccine to the Indo-Pacific region by the end of 2022. Next week, QUAD members will hold a special session on the sidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) World Health Assembly.

The leaders will also discuss the COVID-19 response as well as continued cooperation in improving health infrastructure.

Expansion of QUAD

Responding to a question, the foreign secretary said there were no plans to expand the quad.

India and Japan at QUAD

The two Prime Ministers will hold bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the summit and will focus on strengthening bilateral economic cooperation, trade and investment, defense and security, clean energy and cooperation in Northeast India.

Indo-Pacific has challenges and opportunities

He further said in the briefing that QUAD leaders will discuss the opportunities and challenges of Indo-Pacific. This was said in response to a question about China.

He will hold a bilateral meeting with US President Biden on May 24. “India-US relations are multifaceted, dynamic, deep and diverse,” he said.

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