Russia on the list of ‘unfriendly’ countries; US top chart

Russian State Duma chairman Bacchuslav Volodymyr has published on social media a list of “unfriendly countries” according to the number of anti-Russian sanctions they have imposed.

“They are responsible for the skyrocketing prices worldwide,” RT reported after reading his post on Thursday.

The United States tops the list with 1,983 separate sanctions against Russia, according to Volodymyr. It is followed by Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the EU single entity, Australia and Japan.

“By imposing illegal sanctions on Russia, these states are driving up fuel and food prices. They are the primary culprits for the current problems and future crises around the world,” the Russian official said.

Blaming Russia for the rise in inflation, which many countries now feel is commonplace, has become commonplace in many Western countries.

In the United States, the Joe Biden administration coined the term “Putin’s price increase.” But judging by the opinion polls, Americans are not particularly willing to buy it and many believe their government should have done more to tackle inflation, RT reported.

Electricity prices in Europe reached record highs before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Moscow then said that Europe could alleviate the rise by signing long-term supply agreements with Russia to reduce spikes in the spot market.

It recommends bringing the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline online as soon as possible to secure imports. Western sanctions against Russia now include suspending the project for the foreseeable future and a campaign to isolate Europe from Russian power.

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