Shell EXCON 2022 demonstrates liquid reliability solutions

At EXCON 2022, Shell demonstrates the full range of its digital and fluid reliability solutions. Shell was present with its construction and features featuring a full range of mining products, services and digital solutions. The company has also launched Shell Lube Optimizer and live dashboards of telematics solution machines Max and Shell Remote Sense.

Commenting on Shell’s range of products and services at EXCON, Debanjali Sengupta, Country Head, Shell Lubricants India, said, “Unlocking standards for our partners, OEMs and end customers is the focus of our business, and we are consistently proud. Setting standards for quality and performance.

He added, “While we continue to provide the best-in-class lubricants, our solutions are designed to help customers run hassle-free operations and reduce the total cost of on-site and off-site ownership. We have expanded our portfolio in the construction and mining sector and are looking to double our liquid reliability and digital solutions by 2022. “

Shell liquid reliability solution helps customers to remove contaminants, water, varnish etc. Lack of proper treatment of lubricants can affect the cost of operation and maintenance and increase downtime due to unwanted failure. Shell Lube Optimizer is Shell’s latest liquid reliability solution to simplify operation, reduce downtime, and secure equipment.

Shell also features a live dashboard of sensor-based digital solutions, Machinemax and Remote Sens. While MachineMax helps companies use sensors and analytics on their off-highway fleets, Shell Remote Sense is a remote position monitoring service that provides customers with effective insights into the condition of lubricants and equipment using oil sensors, data science and analytics. – On a time basis.

Shell demonstrates how customers can tap into hidden possibilities in operation to reduce the total cost of ownership and unlock substantial savings in both construction and mining.

The display also features Shell Remula R5 LE engine oil that saves more than 1% of fuel in extended oil extraction intervals, and the Shell Gadus S3 V460D 2 heavy-duty grease, which has saved more than 30 300 million worldwide, has been optimized. Grease consumption and increase the life of Greece and material over the years.

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