Shikha Kapoor, Amit Chandra and Prabhat Chowdhury have launched The Source, a library

Andaz, Shikha Kapoor, Amit Chandra and Prabhat Chowdhury have launched The Source, a story library aimed at utilizing original storytelling from India. After the launch, director Rajkumar Hirani, started the first story and stepped in as the main creative consultant. In addition, the company’s collaboration with Ormax Media will provide insights and audience feedback to the development team by creating an appeal score for each story before it reaches the library.

Ormax Media has been testing film and series scripts for over a decade, says Shailesh Kapoor, founder and CEO of Ormax Media. “But the association with The Source gives us the opportunity to contribute from the beginning, from the idea, to the story and then to the development of the screenplay. The importance of audience insights cannot be underestimated, and The Source’s leadership team is committed to using audience inputs to develop content for the Indian drama and streaming market, “he added.

According to the company, The Source seeks to create a framework for the process of collecting ideas and concepts for story and screenplay development. The company will offer an industry wide subscription for access to its library and will also curate specific stories for development briefs. “It has built a network of story scouts across 21 states across India. Scouts from Kashmir, Northeast, Hindi Heartland, Punjab, Bengal, Maharashtra and the southern states send stories and ideas to the source development team in Mumbai every day, “the company claimed in a release.

For Hirani, this idea is what our industry needs. “The content pipeline has just grown and as an industry we need more ideas. The source keeps a framework for the process of finding creative ideas. Although I will not be involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, I will be mentoring and guiding the creative team, ”he said.

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