S&P 500: Analysts are confident that these 10 stocks will rise the most

It’s hard to think of buying a stock when the S&P 500 is down 16% this year. But analysts are naming the stocks on your shopping list.


Analysts are most bullish on 10 S&P 500 stocks, including communications services Dish Network (Dish) and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) plus financial Signature Bank (SBNY), S&P Global Market Intelligence and MarketSmith data says an investor’s daily analysis of business. All of these stocks carry an average analyst rating of “Buy” or “Outperform”. In addition, they stock analysts believe that until they hit their 12-month price target – 60% or more – hold the most upside.

Analysts continue to identify their favorites as corporate profits grow. Investors, though, aren’t buying yet. “The first-quarter earnings season was tough by any measure, but based on recent market behavior, it’s clear that general market participants are paying little attention,” said Jeff Butchbinder, equity strategist at LPL Financial.

Contact S&P 500 to select winners

When it comes to sorting through the wreckage of the S&P 500, the communications service sector stands out. And it’s not just because it’s the hardest hit in all 11 S&P 500 sectors.

Communication Services Select SPDR ETF (XLC) is down 24.5% this year. This is worse than a drop in the S&P 500. And it is slightly behind the worst sector of the year, the Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR (XLY) drop of about 20%.

And communications, too, are what sector analysts are finding the most opportunities for. Their top choice? Satellite communications company Dish Network. Analysts expect the stock to hit 46.65 per share within a year. If true, it would indicate a reversal of 127%. This is a welcome increase for a stock down about 37% this year.

The next choice for analysts on the S&P 500 is entertainment giant Warner Bros. Discovery Yes, the stock has fallen more than 26% this year since the split AT&T (T). Nevertheless, analysts expect the stock to rise more than 110% to 36.31 in the next 12 months.

Searching outside the S&P 500 Communications

Financial stocks whip up year-round due to concerns over inflation and the dominance of interest rates. But analysts still have high hopes for one of them. And it’s not a big bank.

Analysts expect New York-based Signature Bank to double to 384.35 per share in 12 months. This will help reduce the pain and suffering of the bank’s investors. Shares have fallen more than 40% this year.

Intelligent investors do not know how to jump into a weak market. But it is always wise to keep close to the list of S&P 500 stocks you want to own. And analysts definitely have them.

Analysts’ favorite S&P 500 stock now

Institution Symbol Date% ch from stock year. Average rating of analysts Analysts agree against the current price Sector
Dish Network (Dish) -36.8% Outperform 127.7% Communication service
Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) -26.9 Outperform 111.0 Communication service
Signature Bank (SBNY) -42.2 Outperform 105.6 Financial
Take-to-interactive software (TTWO) -38.0 Outperform 84.2 Communication service
Boeing (B.A.) -38.4 Bought 61.0 Art
Sell ​​the ball (CRM) -35.4 Bought 76.5 Information technology
Intuit (INTU) -44.1 Bought 70.4 Information technology
Alaska Air Group (ALK) -12.5 Bought 69.0 Art
Amazon.com (AMZN) -33.5 Outperform 66.1 Consumer considerations
Modern (MRNA) -46.4 Outperform 65.3 Healthcare
Sources: IBD, S&P Global Market Intelligence
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