SpeEdLabs has expanded to more than 300 cities, onboard more than 5,000 teachers in K12 and

SpeEdLabs plans to expand its footprint to more than 300 cities across 23 states across the country, preparing test-takers and boarding 5,000 teachers in the K-12 department. The company has set up more than 100 practice labs in partnership with its teachers to conduct supervised practice at the coaching center.

The company claims partnerships with more than 100 schools across the country implementing personalized practice and analysis-driven responses, personalized assignments and data-driven academic audits for teachers and students to move pedagogy towards hybrid learning in the school environment.

“Every month, the platform receives more than 10 million data points from students for effort rate, time and accuracy. Pure online tutoring was a mandatory choice during the Kovid lockdown, but now the offline classroom model using technology will be a successful hybrid model. The SpeEdLabs platform uses data-driven hyper personalization, dynamic adaptive learning, algo-driven automated content management, and analytical data visualization to help us bring students to the best of both worlds. The algorithm uses this data to dynamically calculate learning speed for each subject and efficiency for each student, “said Vivek Vershani, co-founder, SpeEdLabs.

Letsventure, Mumbai Angels, Ecosystem Ventures, SucSeed Venture, Ah Venture are investors in the company’s Angel Network platform. In addition, there are over 50 HNIs who have invested in the company in the last six years, including Manish Chazed (SEP Venture), Mukul Agarwal (Absolute Capital), Ajith Pai (Paypal Venture), Nirv Mehta (MD) – Morgan Stanley India and others. In

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