Tamil Nadu shocking: Two buses collide head-on in Salem, horror captured on camera

In a major accident, several people were injured when two private buses collided with each other. The horrific head-on collision – which was caught on CCTV inside a bus – was reported to have taken place in Salem district of Tamil Nadu.

More than 30 people were reported injured in the crash, some in critical condition and undergoing treatment.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening when a private bus from Edappadi collided with another bus from Thiruchengod.

A video shared by news agency ANI shows the bus speeding, with a radio blast in the background. Within the next few seconds, CCTV footage showed the shadow of another bus coming from the opposite direction. The driver tries to turn the car to the left, but is unable to do so.

The buses collided head-on and the driver and passengers were violently thrown from their seats.

The 25-second video footage shows the bus driver staggering for the last few seconds. However, after a while, he was seen sitting up and rubbing his head before trying to get up.

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