The customer experience is the biggest brand advocate driving sales

Written by Anurag Kedia

Digitization, e-commerce, or social commerce – every advancement in technology is driven by one thing – seamless customer experience. Everything a consumer perceives and feels about a brand in every Touchpoint is a customer experience. According to a PwC survey, 65% of consumers find the positive experience of being more influential with a brand than advertising. For brands like ours, where there is a lot of risk involved in each Touchpoint, uninterrupted customer experience is the best way to build customer loyalty that has been proven to bring more sales and revenue over and over again.

However, an “uninterrupted experience” can also mean different things to customers when interacting with the same brand. As a brand of the new age, it is our responsibility to identify the right medium for each customer For some, personalization and human interaction are crucial when others want little or no human intervention in their consumer journey. Customizing the path for every consumer may sound daunting, but with such advanced technology at our disposal, the task is becoming more accessible. Also, when you compare it to convenience, it’s worth doing. After all, a happy customer becomes the biggest advocate of the brand. Satisfied customers turn into loyal customers thus bringing repeat sales. Also, positive words have been proven to directly influence brand awareness and purchasing decisions for generations.

Omnichannel experience

A consumer interacts with the brand through various channels – websites, social media, e-commerce platforms and some, even brick and mortar stores. For any brand, regardless of industry, it has become essential to create a universal customer experience to ensure that customers do not waste time and energy during an interaction. An omnichannel experience lets consumers continue the experience where they put it on a different channel. It helps brands create better values ​​and offers in the minds of their consumers. When consumers value your offer, they do not hesitate to pay a fair price for it. So, in highly competitive industries, experience the biggest competitive edge for the leading brands. It helps you build a symbiotic relationship with your customers so that they decide to buy your product from your competitors.

Community engagement and rejoicing ceremonies

A strong and connected community transcends all brand strategies to increase and retain the lifetime value of the customer. The brand community or engagement field becomes a ground for consumers not only to talk to the brand but also to connect and offer value. One of the most common ways to drive a brand community is through loyalty / pleasure programs. These programs, when implemented properly, help brands keep their valued customers connected and loyal to the brand. In return these customers spend more money, offer insights and bring in more customers thus increasing the sales, revenue and overall value for the company. Loyalty programs can become an invaluable place for our brands to understand the needs and preferences of our customers which we can further turn into our new offerings.

Other reasons driving sales

Any company, whether new or established, makes every effort to increase sales volume because steady growth is the only way to stay afloat in the market. In addition to an uninterrupted customer experience and a great product, there are internal factors that can drive sales for our brands. Factors such as creating the right marketing strategy by choosing the right target market, brand positioning, pricing and distribution methods can have a significant impact on product sales. Also, optimizing employees, automation of technology and business processes can have a significant impact. As a brand, we must take into account the technological advances available at our disposal and use them to mark our presence on the various e-commerce platforms our target consumers have in order to reach the right people at the right time.

Author co-founder, and CEO, Pilgrim

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