The goal of the new Apple ad is to entice people to the iPhone by promising more privacy.

Apple has launched an advertising campaign to promote key privacy features, aimed at persuading people to pick an iPhone.

Themed ‘Data Auctions’, where an auctioneer is selling user data, the ad highlights how people are losing their personal data through a variety of resources, including messages, emails and browser history. The advertising campaign features Apple’s mail privacy protection and app tracking transparency as some of the built-in features to help protect data tracking.

The ad begins with an introduction to the protagonist Eli, whose information is kept under the hammer. The auctioneer retains data from a variety of accounts, including his purchase history, email, contacts, location data, text messages, and browser history.

Advertisers capture data from various sources to understand user types The Cupertino-based tech giant claims that its products and features are designed to be accessible to anyone with “how little your data is”.

The ad, the second since last year’s privacy campaign, launched Eli App Tracking Transparency, asking apps to “not track” activity for sharing with data brokers. The feature was launched in April 2021.

The new campaign has started in 24 countries and will be translated into languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than English in other selected markets to reach a wider audience. The company will place billboards in each country running the ad.

Despite Apple’s promotional blitz, the offers aren’t silly and may still allow developers to track user data.

The ad also features Apple’s mail privacy protection features that can protect information such as company claims, IP addresses and other data when sending emails. It works with preloaded mail apps on iPad, iPhone and Mac devices.

Apple also has features – location service privacy controls and intelligent tracking prevention on Safari – that were recently introduced to raise the privacy concerns of iPhone users.

Recent privacy updates have helped Apple expand its iPhone market and help the company grow its advertising business with new clients to serve ads to iPhone users.

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