The most powerful tool for change is education, says Kerala Governor at DU

According to Arif Mohammad Khan, Governor, Kerala, education as the most powerful tool for change and the knowledge gained through it brings with it the ability to maintain a sense of unity and solidarity inherent in Indians in a ‘present diversity’. “Despite the long history of slavery, India has been able to preserve and preserve its ancient knowledge,” he said at a seminar organized by the University of Delhi (DU).

Khan said that education brings knowledge and it is knowledge that makes a person a real person.

“From the time of Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore, our policies and guiding principles, reflecting our cultural background, point to the idea of ​​an inclusive India. Happiness is not the main thing in life, the goal of life is the pursuit of knowledge, ”he added.

India is a living example of an unbroken civilization, where our culture and principles are aging, but not aging, he stressed.

“It is only through knowledge that the power comes to maintain the underlying unity, the sense of unity among Indians, in a floating diversity. The ability to learn from the past and adapt to the future is what keeps our civilization alive, “he said.

Khan was the chief guest at the closing ceremony of the three-day seminar.

The governor further added that the realization of sacrifice and service to humanity comes only through knowledge and learned that he is the real meaning of these values.

As part of the centenary celebrations, the Department of Political Science, University of Delhi is organizing an international seminar on revising ideas from ‘Swaraj’ to ‘New India’.

Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, President, ICCR, was present as the Special Guest at the Closing Ceremony of the Seminar, and was presided over by the Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, Yogesh Singh.

“It is the educational institutions and universities that will be the creators of technology through intensive research, because it is the technology that alone has the potential to make India a world leader, as is the dream and focus of all Indians today. The VC said in his speech.

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