Why SCO is a good bet in real estate business

SCO (Shop-cum-Office) is a new and innovative commercial setup that is developing in the real estate sector. The development of this concept has greatly increased due to the huge advantages of Delhi-NCR. Emerging as an important sector after tackling the epidemic challenge, the real estate sector has come up with a set up that guarantees them a good income.

According to the market demand, SCO infrastructures are designed in initial locations that are easily accessible. Therefore, the concept of shop-cum-office has proven to be beneficial for both developers and investors.

The SCO assures the occupancy of the maximum area of ‚Äč‚Äčinstallation infrastructure. Investors are leaning towards SCOs as they can suggest changes in the setup and choose plot sizes according to their needs and budget. Typically, retail stores are established on the lower floors of buildings, where offices are located on the upper floors to provide an accessible but quiet environment. Retail stores are always crowded and thus people are aware of the commercial opportunities available in the area.

The trend of SCOs has emerged most in metropolitan cities and Delhi-NCR has always been at the top of the list. It encourages the availability of significant facilities like technical gadgets, healthcare, daily necessities and much more to suit the needs of the regional crowd in a general organization. An SCO has all the major benefits of well-equipped technology, power backup and spacious setup to make the workplace and retail stores customer-friendly.

The infrastructure includes elevators and escalators for floor movement and a well-managed multi-level parking lot to facilitate passenger travel. In addition to the retail store, the area can also be used for a gym, spa or other entertainment setup to serve as a pre or post working spot for the office.

SCOs have been working in this sector for some time and are preferred by investors because they have become a trend, and they have a lot of people who want to own a place. The primary target audience is the working class, because it benefits them the most.

SCOs help visitors save valuable hours that they spend reaching multiple locations for various benefits. The sector is not showing any downward trend in the near future. By promoting a standard facility and making life easier, the organization has established an improved connection with a better lifestyle. The idea is well received by all and is spreading like wildfire in the market.

(Pradeep Agarwal, Founder & Chairman, Signature Global India Limited, & Chairman, ASSOCHAM-National Council On Real Estate, Housing & Urban Development)

Disclaimer: This is the personal opinion of the author.

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