Work that speaks | Ad Review | 13 to 17 May 2022

Written by Gokul Krishnamurti

Mahindra Automotive | Big father of SUVs

It’s always exciting to see a teaser-led auto launch, when it’s well done. Mahindra is buzzing about the launch, claiming that the SUV will be the ‘Big Daddy’ here. As the competition heated up and consumers made UVs of all shapes and sizes, the primary choice of their wheels, the Bolero and Scorpio-maker, had to expand its game. The promo certainly raises expectations from the new car.

P&G Shiksha | The Story Of Sushila

It had to be the journey of the education brand. The most powerful story of the beneficiaries is about what they have become. And the stories of the beneficiaries of such programs are coming back in chips, priceless. Whether it’s a Rotary initiative or an orphanage, these kinds of stories inspire in a way that few others can.

Every consumer wants to do well and P&G brands have been enabled – education has always been a compelling reason for consumers to choose a P&G brand. This film builds the P&G bond with the cause, and therefore with the consumer, stronger.

FNP | Wrap the gift of emotion

The Kapoor are spending their days on the field in Adelaide. In this case, Anil Kapoor is perfect with Bubli’s niece Jahnavi. The plot around trolling the young woman for her fashion choice and telling her indomitable uncle to be like her own is a winner. The older you get, the more you get paid to show up in an ad.

Oswal | Who cares about the rate

Speaking of indomitable old men, this is the power Kapoor! ‘Lamba Chale’ is reminiscent of a previous Scotch Bright ad. Here is a long lasting broom, aka for Kapoor’s Lolita. How do you make a broom attractive? The plot and the old man keep the audience interested until it is revealed. And the brand promises to keep every relationship intact – including the benevolent hero relationship.

PGI | Platinum season of love #PutLoveFirst

A great thought finds expression here. #PutLoveFirst ECD is reminiscent of a line from Kash Sree who spoke at Goafest earlier this month. A De Beers campaign that he wrote talked about two things that could be more than time: one is love, and the other is a ‘forever’ diamond. Although love is the common thread and glue for this class, ‘Keep Love First’ is different and hits a delightful jack. Even if one does not recognize any of the featured actors, the thought of dominating love – among its many manifestations – shines through.

Health is fine Health is fine, everything is fine

Anil Kapoor again, and again, totally cast. Besides, there is another ball of infinite power, Ranbir Singh. What could be a better combo than the promise of a health capsule energy and anything else?

Bournevita Biscuits | # More look at you

A challenging task has been accomplished efficiently here. How do you make ‘iron and calcium’ interesting enough to watch? Here’s a way to do it. A child’s curious questions are answered in a timely manner.

JSW Paints | Halo Aquaglo | #PaintKaGKBdhao

Another actor who is not only very good at what he does but also does not hesitate to be the subject of one or two jokes. He is here, appealing to people through #PaintKaGKBadhao. The smart use of a sports celebrity that allows the message to be repeated over and over again.

Visa India | Tap to make payment Fast, secure, convenient

Quick product promotion, with the right bells and whistles is quickly implemented.

Aquaguard | Copper + Zinc Technology | Pani ka doctor

Activated Copper (October 2021)

So for ‘Pani Ka Doctor’, Madhuri Dixit is back in her dual role. This time, the brand is pitching its purifier ‘Copper and Zinc’ technology. Old formula, new technology. The tagline ensures that ‘healthy’ connections remain.

Amazon India | # Show up

The phrase that helped Amazon zoom into our collective memory is back, but somehow the core commercial power seems to be missing. An incident of trying to press too many messages in a movie? Probably. But if it was a mandate, it would have been reasonably well done.

Postpay | # Dedenaaramase

The old movie that launched #DeDenaAaramSe has found a sequel here, especially waiting for a credit card. ‘Pay later’ is a clear proposition that different brands are trying to pitch. While there’s an interesting phrase and melody here, none of the brands seem to have created the mandatory pitch to own the offer.

Dream11 | Dreams are big stories

This is a great content initiative powered by Dream 11 based on its high decibel ‘Dream Big’ IPL campaign. The brand’s investment in cricket finds the right follow-up through the well-told stories of these ‘Ansang heroes’. The content is suitable for cricket-hungry viewers that the brand seeks to solve.

Bosch MaxFlex | Like A Bosch | #FlexibleLikeABosch

The ‘Like a Bosch’ line thanks for the soundtrack. Used in flexi frames and seen in voice over. Family circumstances help to create a warm feeling to cool the promising flexi of the product.

Athar Energy x Gujarat Titans | The game is electric

The line briefly distributes the brand’s link to the game to drive home: ‘Game Electric’. The smart drama of ‘Two’ keeps one interested till the end.

The tongue # Kafikul version

Rasna makes a lively splash with this colorful and exuberant (lots) animated spot. Not only is this the new pack, the brand also looks a lot fresher. Still, it manages to retain its earthy, Indian flavor. ‘Ozzy Orange’ and ‘Not So Am Mango’ speak to young people in their own language. Really a #KafiCool makeover that will make you say ‘I love you rasna’ over and over again.

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