Work that speaks | Top 10 Advertising Video Countdown April 2022

Written by Gokul Krishnamurti

In a countdown video here, we have the top 10 Indian brand promotions of the month gone by দৃষ্টি

If one has to summarize the work witnessed in one sentence: the best seems to be getting better and there are new entrants competing with them. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

That said, one has also been reminded of conversations on the sidelines of Goafest 2022. While this column celebrates the work that goes through the chaos, the reality is that there is a huge pile that runs across screens of all sizes. As long as that pile is in the majority, there is work to be done and there is room for those who are in the business of commercial creativity.

Specifically for this week’s countdown, a good dose of humor has been properly done. HP, PhonePe, Uber, Sprite, Swiggy and Zepto took the humorous path with remarkable success. The VIP gives a touching speech with politeness, while the Raymond and Cholo spots are designed to warm the audience.

Watch the full ad movie below.

# 10

Raymond | Hand sewing | Special moment dressing up

# 9

Come on Best | Come on


# 8

HP Pavilion | Higher performance is where you need it most

Low lintas

# 7

VIP | Wedding Favorite (2022) | # Peerwahisochanai

Reconsideration company

# 6

PhonePe | Bike Insurance | # Ride tension free

Tilt brand solution

# 5

Boost | Stamina Stars | Game Chhote Yaa Bade Ground Ka Nahi, Stamina Ka Hota Hai


# 4

Uber Rent | Skip Drive | # Rental Health Day

Dentsu webchutni

# 3

Sprite | # Keep money


# 2

Suigi InstaMart | Grocery and in a few more minutes

# 1

Zepto | In due course, always

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